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With a high seating option right near all the action our front section provides the perfect option for those after a medium space.

capacity: 20-50 people

Front Area Map.png

the back area

For a more classic dine in setting and low seating our back section provides the perfect option for those after a large space of 50-60 people.

capacity: 50-60 people

Back Area Map.png

the outdoor area

Our outdoor area is perfect for those looking for a more casual setting.

Perfect for light snacks and drinks our outdoor area can cater up to 40 people standing.

capacity: 20-40 people

Outdoor Area Map.png

karaoke area

A private room for you and your party, equipped with karaoke so you can let your hair down. Fits up to 25-30 people.

Unleash your inner Elvis with your friends and get your karaoke on.

capacity: 25-30 people